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Bratislava, Slovakia


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    Our goal is to make every expat's life in the Czech Republic even better than it was in their home country. Headquartered in Prague, we are rapidly scaling both technologically and internationally. Pexpats is one of the fastest-growing tax and relocation platforms, helping thousands of expats to save time and focus on what truly matters.

    Pexpats is revolutionizing the Expat experience in the Czech Republic with our all-in-one solution platform. We understand the frustration of dealing with multiple agencies for different services, so we have replaced them all. Our platform provides expats with comprehensive solutions for taxation, relocation, authority issues, and everyday problems faced in a new country.


    As a Brand Ambassador for Pexpats, you'll be embarking on a thrilling 6-month training journey alongside our esteemed service team. During this time, you'll learn the ins and outs of our operations, all while being immersed in our unique company culture. And, of course, your hard work during this time will be fully compensated with a competitive salary. Upon completing your training, you'll take on the responsibility of setting up a Pexpats branch, including opening the office, recruiting and leading your team, and implementing efficient workflows based on the wealth of experiences you've gained from your colleagues in our Prague office.

    Of course, you won't be alone in this endeavor. Throughout your journey, you'll have the invaluable support of our skilled coordinators from the Prague office, who will work closely with you to ensure your success. With this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be trained in our main office and work under the guidance of our coordinators, you'll have the chance to truly shine and make a difference in the world of global mobility services.


    At our company, we don't care about your Ivy League degree or which big-name company you previously worked for. We're more interested in finding people who embody these key values:

Loyalty: We're looking for team members who believe in our brand and are committed to building it with us.

Attitude: Details matter. Paying attention to detail is crucial in creating the amazing customer experiences that our generation craves. us.

Productivity: We're all about working hard and efficiently, while also having fun in a dynamic and supportive work environment.

Positivity: Our team thrives on positive vibes and we value team members who bring energy, optimism, and a can-do spirit to everything they do.

* Furthermore, as this position requires close collaboration with Slovakian authorities, fluency in Slovakian at a native or C1 level is a must. Additionally, we require our brand ambassador to be present in Prague during the entirety of the six-month training period to ensure seamless integration into our company culture and operations.


Comprehensive training and full support: We prioritize your training and are dedicated to offering you the absolute best industry education, instilling in you the knowledge and confidence essential for achieving greatness.

Company getaways: Paid Team Vacations to exotic destinations - our way of saying thanks for your hard work.

Significant salary: We compensate top talent with a Generous salary.

Loyalty pays off: With time, you'll be rewarded with monthly and yearly bonuses for your dedication to our company.

Stellar growth prospects: Be part of something amazing  and grow with us.

abstractHOW DO WE HIRE?

Complete the questionnaire and submit your CV (ideally in English). If applying for a Tech or Design position, please also link your GitHub/Bitbucket or Behance profile.

Complete the questionnaire and submit your CV (ideally in English). If applying for a Tech or Design position, please also link your GitHub/Bitbucket or Behance profile.

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