Pexpats keeps to a limited client base to ensure exceptional service and the best customer experience Bratislava has to offer. We support any expat needs from relocation to tax services to eliminate the complexity of living and working in Slovakia. Join the waiting list today, and be among the first to know when we release new services!

Pexpats brings expert assistance for expats to Bratislava



Meet Pexpats: fellow expats on a mission to simplify international relocation, cut the red tape, and support local growth. Since 2013, we have helped with thousands of relocations, visa applications, residency permits, and tax services for foreigners.

Get ready. We’re soon on our way to a neighbourhood in Slovakia near you.

Ahoj Bratislava!

We at Pexpats are thrilled to announce that we are expanding our agency to Slovakia’s vibrant capital city, Bratislava.

With beginnings in the Czech Republic, our team is taking their comprehensive relocation and tax experience across the border.

We aim to help all new arrivals, as well as freelancers, entrepreneurs, and employees alike to succeed in Bratislava.

100% Remote?

Handle everything 100% remotely under power of attorney so that you don’t lose any of your valuable time.

Pexpats ensures smooth, worry-free trade license applications, visa renewals, residency permits and more.

We’ll take your time only when absolutely necessary, while you enjoy all the comforts of life Slovakia has to offer.

The assistance doesn’t end there either…

Beyond Pexpats’ expert relocation and tax advisors, we also have developers passionate about building free tools for expats. This team is not only adept in javascript, they are masters in UX/UI, and dedicated solution specialists overall. These tools together with our experience in expat needs join as one platform to make any expat’s life easier.

Invoice Generator
Invoicing your clients in the Czech Republic is hassle-free with our Czech invoicing tool. Simply enter the details for you and your client, and the generator takes care of the rest!
Freelance payment calculator
Understand how much you need to contribute to social insurance, health insurance, and income tax in Bratislava.
Net salary calculator
Find out your clean salary, tax relief, and insurance payments instantly with an easy-to-use net salary calculator.
Mortgage calculator
Calculate mortgage repayments and monthly installments for your dream Slovak home.
Employment contract calculator
Calculate what’s best for you: a full-time employment contract or a freelance trade license agreement in Bratislava.
VAT payment calculator
Calculate how much VAT to add on Slovak invoices for your goods or services with our VAT Payment Calculator.
Maternity pay calculator
Get an estimate of how much financial assistance you can receive on maternity leave as a full-time employee.
Paid holiday calculator
Calculate precisely how many hours of paid holiday entitlement you get on a full-time employee contract in Bratislava.
VAT number verification
Use the VAT number verification tool to quickly verify any SK or EU VAT registration number.

And we won’t stop here

If you’re an expat in Bratislava, be ready for us. We are constantly striving to improve our services to make your everyday, expat life easier and more worry-free. We’ll help you navigate bureaucracies, and take the complexities out of relocation and taxation.

See you soon! 🖤 Rustam

Made with ❤️ in Prague for Bratislava.
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