Free Online Calculators for Expats in Slovakia

Eliminate the guesswork from calculating your expenses while living and working in Slovakia. The calculators below are free to use, and aim to help expats and freelancers take control of their finances. Calculate full-time versus trade license earnings, what you pay in taxes, VAT payments, mortgage loans, maternity leave benefits and more.
Net salary calculator
Find out your clean salary, tax relief, and insurance payments instantly with an easy-to-use net salary calculator.
VAT payment calculator
Calculate how much VAT to add on Slovak invoices for your goods or services with our VAT Payment Calculator.
Mortgage calculator
Calculate mortgage repayments and monthly installments for your dream Slovak home.
VAT number verification
Use the VAT number verification tool to quickly verify any SK or EU VAT registration number.
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Side job tax calculator
Estimate how much you pay in taxes as a full-time employee also earning side income for the 2023 tax year.
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Employment contract calculator
Calculate what’s best for you: a full-time employment contract or a freelance trade license agreement in Bratislava.
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Maternity pay calculator
Get an estimate of how much financial assistance you can receive on maternity leave as a full-time employee.
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Paid holiday calculator
Calculate precisely how many hours of paid holiday entitlement you get on a full-time employee contract in Bratislava.
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Freelance payment calculator
Understand how much you need to contribute to social insurance, health insurance, and income tax in Bratislava.
Who is Pexpats of Bratislava?

With our start helping expats with relocation, taxes and general living in the Czech Republic, Pexpats is now in Slovakia. Bratislava, to be exact! And we bring with us free online tools and calculators to make life easier on expats, employees, and freelancers alike. Use our tools to compare employment options, better understand taxes, calculate mortgage repayments, find out about maternity leave and more.

How do you apply for a trade license in Slovakia?

To apply for a trade license in Slovakia, you must notify the Trade Licensing Office responsible for your region of permanent residence. If you do not have permanent residence, you will need to contact the office for the region where you intend to conduct your business. In either case, you will also need a type of residence suitable for your business, and will need to submit:

  • The Trade License application form.

  • A criminal record extract from your home country.

  • A registered business address where you are legally able to conduct work.

  • A document proving your qualifications, or the qualification of your Authorized Representative

  • The relevant administrative fees (5 EUR for unregulated trades; 15 EUR for regulated or craft trades)

Who has to pay VAT in Slovakia?

The annual turnover limit in 2023 for mandatory VAT registration is EUR 49 790. The length of a turnover period consists of the last 12 consecutive calendar months. Further, regardless of turnover, foreign entities in Slovakia must register for VAT if they have intentions to supply goods or sell services in the country. The same is true when buying goods from EU countries outside of the Slovak Republic. Note: This excludes transactions within the country between Slovak businesses. Renting real estate is also an exception if within the country to a Slovak business.

When does it make sense to register for VAT voluntarily?

You might consider registering for VAT even when not required by law in some financial situations. For example, you might buy products or services from VAT payers more than you sell to them. Here, you can technically lower the prices of your goods for the consumer by registering as a VAT payer. In this way, the buyer can claim VAT back on purchases, effectively lowering their costs. Another advantage could be when buying goods at a standard VAT rate, but selling at reduced VAT rates. You might also want to register for VAT in order to purchase a valuable asset which you will later claim VAT on.

How does the mortgage calculator work?

The mortgage calculator allows you to compare mortgage loans, loan terms, and repayment options. Simply fill in home value, down payment, loan amount, and interest rate to calculate both monthly installments and annual repayment.

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